Mexico to Canada 2013 | Along the Pacific Crest Trail

This question gets me every time. As an experienced PCT hiker named Billy Goat once said “if you have to ask, then you’ll never understand.”

On September 30 2012 I was sitting at the top of a cliff on a huge rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and thought, ‘in 2013 I’m going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail’. My friend Sarah who I met during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics hiked the trail in 2004. When she told me about her adventure back in 2008, I knew it was something I would one day tackle.

Freedom, excitement, challenge and adventure are all words that may begin to describe ‘why’ I have chosen to do this. For me, it’s hard to understand ‘why’ you wouldn’t do something like this if you had the health, finances and freedom to do so.

I am documenting the challenge to inspire those around me to dream big and dare to succeed. Excuses and so called ‘reality’ often stops people from stepping out of their comfort zone to see the true beauty of this planet.

I hope that people see there’s more to life than the 9-5, because the lessons we learn about ourselves when we get back to nature are the ones that make us stronger, more courageous and better people. They are the memories we will hold onto forever.

Mexico to Canada 2013 | Along the Pacific Crest Trail.