ATKO 2013 – Appalachian Trail Kickoff

Are you an aspiring 2014 Appalachian Trail “thru-hiker” – or have you just DREAMED of hiking this world famous scenic trail ? Come to the “ATKO” (Appalachian Trail Kick-off) and try to increase your odds of getting from HERE all the way to Mt. Katahdin , Maine ! (2,185.9 miles / 14 states north of nearby Springer Mountain … the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail)

This annual event has been held at Amicalola Falls State Park for the last 13 years – where “AT” experts, authors, vendors, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, hiking clubs / organizations and “newbie” and veteran hikers alike –  ALL congregate in one place – at one time – to meet, greet, educate and give the north-bound “thru-hiking” class of 2014 the send off of a lifetime !

ATKO 2013 – Appalachian Trail Kickoff.


Register for an account, it’s quick and easy.

Pick a hiker (or two, or three!) hiking for a cause you want to support.

Pledge as little as 1¢ per mile.     Follow the hiker’s progress. If they have a journal, read their updates, long distance hikes are interesting adventures!

When the hiker finishes their hike, you’ll receive notification it’s time to make your donation based on the miles completed.


Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag Covers The Entire Hammock

Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag Covers The Entire Hammock.


CDT Hiker Hoopla September 20th, 2013 | Montana Wilderness Association

Green Flash, Breeze, Pappa Smurf, Muleskinner, Jester and Tickled Pink

This is not a list of the latest pop singer monikers in the tween world, but rather names for a different kind of celebrity. Celebrities in the trail community.

These are all thru-hikers that have journeyed the 3,100 miles on the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada this summer. These folks, and other hikers from around the country, are finishing up their epic trek in Montana right now and we’re going to throw them a party! Join us.

What’s a thru-hiker? Well, the term refers to hiking a long-distance trail end-to-end. Most CDT thru-hikers begin in New Mexico, walk through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and then end in Montana at the Canadian border. No matter how you do it, the CDT is said to be one of the last, more rugged and more challenging trails that long distance hikers take on.

CDT Hiker Hoopla Celebration Details

The Montana Wilderness Association invites thru-hikers, CDT Montana volunteers and other interested outdoor friends to join us on Sept. 20th to celebrate the Continental Divide Trail. Along with our generous host the Summit Mountain Lodge, MWA is inviting you to a BBQ on the Divide complete with live music from 21st Amendment (acoustic/bluegrass/rock). Click here for location in Google Maps.

Pitch your tent on site—no charge—have a beer, shake a tail feather, listen to live music and enjoy some delicious food. Raffle tickets will be sold for great outdoor gear prizes so bring a few bucks. Donations are gladly accepted to help us off set the cost of the event and to support CDT trail work (please and thank you). 

  • 5pm – Doors open
  • 6pm – Welcome & Thank Yous
  • 6:30/7pm – Dinner
  • After Dinner – Raffle Drawing (bring a few bucks to buy tickets)
  • 8-10pm – Music & Dancing
  • 11pm – Shhhhh… or go be loud away from sleeping people in tents

Other stuff we should mention: No dogs please. No drugs whatsoever. Smoking (tobacco only) permitted in designated areas only near lodge. Private cabins are available for rent with shower/bathroom. No public showers, but portable toilets available. Food storage in bear country observed; food must be in secure, closed vehicle or stashed in the lodge. Do not keep food in tents. Please do not cook in sleeping/tent areas. Respect your neighbors if you want to stay up late-night please.

CDT Hiker Hoopla September 20th, 2013 | Montana Wilderness Association.


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The California Coastal Trail | California State Coastal Conservancy

The California Coastal Trail (CCT) is one of the great trails of our nation. Once completed, it will extend 1,200 miles from Oregon to Mexico. While informal trails along our coast have been used for centuries, the CCT’s more recent history began in 1972 when Californians passed Proposition 20 recommending that a trails system be established along or near the coast. In 1999, the CCT was designated at the state and federal level as Millenium Legacy Trail, and in 2001 state legislation called for its completion. Today, roughly half of the CCT is complete.

The California Coastal Trail | California State Coastal Conservancy.


San Diego Hiking Trails – A FREE Resources for the best hikes in San Diego

San Diego HikersThe objectives of is to promote a responsible balanced attitude towards preservation of our natural resources for future generations.

  1. To create a free resource where San Diego Hikers can find maps, trail info, photo’s and reviews
  2. To promote, organise and conduct caravan rallies, picnics, entertainment and other functions for the enjoyment of Club members.
  3. To promote a responsible attitude towards the preservation of San Diego’s natural resources
  4. To establish and promote a community where information and idea’s can be easily exchanged

Want to help? Email

Why was this site created?
Hiking is one of my favorite activities. When ever I tried to search for trail information I was bombard with sites that wanted me to sign up or sites that had next to useless information. In 2005 I started to create a list of trails in Wordpad and added notes each time I would go on a hike. After a while my list looked better than any of the info I could find on the web. I spent some time learning how to integrate Google Maps and put everything together.

San Diego Hiking Trails – A FREE Resources for the best hikes in San Diego.


Mountain Education, South Lake Tahoe, California

Mountain Education

To venture into the wilderness, hikers need to learn how to deal safely and wisely with all its challenges. A mistake in the backcountry will only send you home hurt and sorry you went, if you get home at all. So, they need to be made aware of the hazards and risks involved before they step away from home. This is where we come in!

Back in 1974 at the age of 17, our founder, Ned Tibbits, “thru-hiked” for five-and-a-half months from Mexico to Canada on the newly-created Pacific Crest Trail. During this time he felt the Spirit of Christ in the mountains, but not yet in his own life. Nevertheless, the expedition changed him by awakening his heart and quickening his spirit to the voice of his Father God. This is what being in the wilderness-presence of God can do for you, but many do not recognize this!

There was an event at the beginning of this journey, on one trailside night in Southern California, Ned noticed five college students huddled together for warmth on the snow in the dark in the middle of a mountain meadow. Ned was camped nearby and was suddenly and unexpectedly made aware of their crisis when another lost hiker asked for help to find the trail back to town. It was then as the evening grew dark, after Ned showed the lost hiker the way to go, that he heard the group’s voices from the nearby meadow.

As he headed in their direction, he found the five dressed in summer shorts and tennis shoes and shivering uncontrollably from the early stages of deadly hypothermia. Knowing they needed hope and direction, he showed them the trail and how to get back to town. It was afterwards in his tent that God showed Ned that people have a need for wilderness, but must respect it first, if they wish to enjoy its benefits.

Mountain Education started out in 1982 as “Mariah Mountaineering” teaching backpackers how to extend their hiking seasons by learning how to snow-camp. In our minds, wilderness fun is maximized through good Planning, Preparation, and a healthy awareness of the “Realities of the Trail.” It is all about “Staying Found,” “Playing Safe,” and returning home with lots of stories of fun and excitement to share with friends!

Mountain Education.


Shawn Butler hiked San Gorgonio 9 Peaks Traverse on Oct 19, 2013 – Achievement 1130 | Social Positive

Shawn Butler hiked San Gorgonio 9 Peaks Traverse on Oct 19, 2013 – Achievement 1130 | Social Positive.