Taking a toll

Eric checked in from Barrel Springs.  The first couple days were good, but the last two days have been grueling.  His usual training food and drink are not working very well out there.  He is unable to stomach the “food” and the flavored Cytomax tastes nasty now, especially when it is about 100 degree temp.  Not going down very well if at all.  He does have water at Barrel Springs and is re hydrating with water, but hard to do when your body has already taken the beating from lots of mileage, loss of appetite and the heat.  He knew this was not going to easy, but really bummed the fuel he trained with at home and what he desperately needs to make the mileage stinks out here.  This is the real deal and no amount of mental or physical training can prepare you for the punishing trail and the conditions out there.  He is evaluating his situation and seeing how he can adjust to it and give his body what it needs right now.  Rash, soreness and cramps… not fun.  Will check in later.