For The Record

PCT StartFor the record.. when I trained for my PCT FKT attempt I subscribed to a drink system using cytomax, mct oil, endure and pounding 10 miles per liter with a catch up liter at water stops.. supplementing calories with goo bags made of peanut butter, coconut oil, rolled oats, raisins, craisins or both.. quisinarted… While training at 17 min per mile pace for 20, 30, 40, and a 46 mile hike of black mtn.. with focus on uphill gain this worked great… not many hills around here so I would go up every one I could find… carrying 30 – 40 pounds gear… Even better on marathons and 30+ mile runs… But I applied this training system to the PCT last week with a 25lb pack packed for a 210 mile hike to my first box.. 15 lbs food and powder.. I had my butt handed to me from heat exhaustion… not from fatigue brought on by lack of training.. But by not drinking enough water hiking 40 mile days in the heat under this system on the Pacific Crest Trail…
What no body knows is that I doubled down on my resolve, picked up my training pace and added more running to my training after a training hike in Mtn Laguna this year where I was kicked off the mountain for carrying a 38 lb pack with old gear that with my winter hiking experience I would have been bomber in during a snow storm pending in San Jacinto where I have hiked during white out on more than several occasions.. I ran and climbed more hills, I stopped using mapmyrun and just trained my butt off till my miles were reduced to 80 per week the last 2 weeks because I had to take a side job..  I think the reduction from 100 per week was good for me because I gained some fat around my stomach during that period… I am lucky I lived through this incident and I would highly recommend that anyone subscribing to this system take more time at water spots and drink at least 3 liters of premix and not 2 before moving on with premix ready to go during the next leg of the trip… It was my training that saved my life!