Whitewater Trail House | Ziggy & The Bear Has Closed.

Ziggy & The Bear

I’m sorry to relay that Ziggy & The Bear have moved and posted a new mailing address for postcards.
They also posted this to their site:

Please do not visit the house or trouble the neighbors.

There should be faucet water where the trail hits Snow Canyon Rd (mile 205.7) if the Water District hasn’t grown tired of hiker litter and vandalization.

There should also be water from the traditionally hiker-friendly folks at Mesa Wind Farm just off the trail (mile 213.4).

Not much to see here in San Gorgonio Pass except sand and windmills. Transportation along I-10 is not only tricky but often unsafe. We recommend hiking straight through from Idyllwild to Big Bear City (74 miles)… that said, HYOH!


Source: Whitewater Trail House | Ziggy & The Bear


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