Hundy PCT S Terminus Mar 2014Planhike.com was born out of an deep love of the mountains, trails and adventures.  My first trips were to the High Sierra’s with my dad when I was six years old.  That was the start of many trips with my dad and through many life challenges those are my fondest memories of my childhood.  Fast forward though many years of  trail miles, climbing peaks, blisters, heavy packs, frozen toes and laughs and I am now married and a father of three.  Our first family hiking trip was taking our youngest at age three to the San Jacinto Mountains and up to Saddle Junction.  They were troopers and I must have done something right because they all have returned again and look forward to future trips.

My life has taken may unexpected twists and turns, but hiking has been a constant force of nature calling me.  My hiking has morphed in the last couple years which inspired me to challenge myself and give back to the community that I live in and has helped me in my journey.  I am now speed hiking which is a complete change about from my past trips.  Speed hiking requires intense training and proper gear and of course, proper planning.  I have been on the down side of “improper planning” and it nearly cost me my life.  Planhike.com is where experiences and knowledge from me and fellow hikers can help others in their hiking adventure.

I hope that you feel inspired to get outside and plan a hike.  I am confident that you will find these skills transfer well to other areas of your life.  Have fun, be safe and go plan a hike.


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