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Linthikes 2017 5lb Ultra light gear list – YouTube

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Pacific Crest Trials: A Psychological and Emotional Guide to Successfully Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

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Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is 90% mental. Each year, thousands of backpackers take to the Pacific Crest Trail with the intention of successfully thru-hiking the 2,650-mile footpath that extends from Mexico to Canada. Despite months of research, thousands of dollars poured into their gear, and countless hours dedicated to grinding away on the StairMaster, most hikers fall short of their goal. Why?  They neglected to prepare for the most challenging element of a five month backpacking trip. While the PCT presents extraordinary physical challenges, it is the psychological and emotional struggles that drive people off the trail. Conquering these mental obstacles is the key to success. This groundbreaking book focuses on the most important and overlooked piece of equipment of all- the gear between one’s ears. Filled with first-hand, touching yet humorous vignettes and down-to-earth advice that both instructs and inspires, Pacific Crest Trials gives readers the mental road map they’ll need to hike from Mexico to Canada. Following up on his wildly popular guide to thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in Appalachian Trials, Zach Davis has teamed up with 2015 PCT thru-hiker Carly Moree to bring readers the ultimate psychological and emotional guide to prepare for the Pacific Crest Trail. In Pacific Crest Trials readers will learn:

  • Goal setting techniques that will assure hikers reach Canada
  • The common early stage pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How to beat “the Death of the Honeymoon
  • The importance and meaning of “hiking your own hike
  • How to adapt amongst drastically different terrains, weather patterns, gear and logistical needs
  • Five strategies for unwavering mental endurance
  • How to save money on gear purchases
  • Tips for enjoying rather than enduring each of the five million steps along the journey
  • Advice for staving off post-trail depression from one of the country’s most respected trail angels
  • Nutritional guidance for avoiding post-trail weight gain

Additionally, readers will receive an in-depth guide to choosing the right gear for their PCT thru-hike from Triple Crowner, Liz “Snorkel” Thomas. In this chapter full of valuable insights, Snorkel walks readers through what features to look for in quality gear, how to save money, how to lessen the load without compromising on safety or comfort, and offers crucial advice on how to properly use and care for your gear. Furthermore, Thomas offers several specific product recommendations, giving readers a helpful head start on their shopping list. Note: This is an adaptation of Appalachian Trials. Although this book is written with the Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker in mind, the principles are largely the same. If you own Appalachian Trials do not buy this book. Five percent of the proceeds of your purchase of Pacific Crest Trials will go to the Pacific Crest Trail Association, the non-profit that oversees and protects the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Views:786 a website dedicated to the pursuit of lightweight backpacking. My name is Jamie Shortt and my intent is to build a site with information to aid backpackers in reducing the weight they carry greatly adding to one’s outdoor experience. Hike further, hike easier, hike softer, and hike safer….this is LytW8 hiking.


OMails: Things Hikers Sometimes Do, Chapter One: Seam Sealing A Tent

If you’ve never bought a tent, or you’re the sort of person smart enough to only buy tents that are factory seam sealed, you may be unaware of how the process works.  The following describes my experience, with an added bonus product review.  Enjoy!

OMails: Things Hikers Sometimes Do, Chapter One: Seam Sealing A Tent.


Tracking hikers with Google Earth « The Halfmile Project

Many Pacific Crest Trail hikers are using satellite messaging devices like the Delorme inReach or SPOT Messenger to communicate with friends and family. Halfmile Project data from and Google Earth can make these messages easier to understand for your followers back home.

Tracking hikers with Google Earth « The Halfmile Project.


How To // Andrew Skurka

Andrew SkurkaHow To

I’ve learned that my ability to enjoy—and to succeed in—an ambitious hike is a function of:

  1. My physical conditioning, including that of my feet,
  2. My embrace of physical and mental adversity as a critical part of the experience, and
  3. My knowledge of the gear, supplies and skills needed for the trip.

When I began my first thru-hike in May 2002—the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail—I had the first two ingredients covered, thanks to being a lifelong runner, at the time for Duke University’s Division I cross-country and track teams. But I possessed worrisome little knowledge. For example, I was ignorant of the effectiveness of water purification techniques; I was unsure how much food I needed between resupply points; and I didn’t know how to take care of my feet or select good campsites.

I have developed the resources on this page—and written a book, The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide—to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained during 30,000+ miles of backcountry and wilderness travel.

How To // Andrew Skurka.


Backpacking Food for the Soul,

At, we explore new methods of cooking backpacking food while honoring the tried and true. You’ll find backpacking recipes with step-by-step instructions and photos, and a wealth of information about how to dehydrate backpacking food.

I’ll help you pack light-weight backpacking meals without skimping on nutrition and flavor. Going on an overnight hike? Fix yourself some Kickin’ Veggie Mac and Cheese for supper, Grahma Nanna Nilla Pudding for dessert, and Pizza Grits Supreme for breakfast. Toss in three dehydrated apples and you’re still packing less than ten ounces.

By carrying light and easy-to-cook food, you’ll eat well and have more time to pursue your true hunger… feeding your soul with a walk in the woods.

Follow your hunger,

Backpacking Food for the Soul.