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Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

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  • 100% Nylon
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  • Snap on Sun Skirt
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Hiking Coast To Crest Trail at Lake Hodges Dam in North County San Diego


Hiking Bernardo Mountain Trail with Fletcher and Steph 2015


Family Trip to Deep Creek Hotsprings Nov 2014

Back in November 2014 we went to Deep Creek Hotsprings as a family  with our dog. It was a bit cold since the sun was so far in the south it didn’t hit the beach or pools much during the day. These videos are from a hike up the hill overlooking the hot springs from the north east.


Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California

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This comprehensive guide provides in-depth coverage of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from the Mexican border to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Plan day hikes, weekend backpacks, or an extended thru-hike adventure with this indispensable resource.Our PCT gurus supply maps, photos, resupply access routes, side trips, and updated trail data. Learn about rocks, plants, animals, and human history along the trail. Plan for, trouble-shoot, and enjoy your PCT adventure with this authoritative guide. Over 200 maps included. Winner of the Classic Award in the 2008 National Outdoor Book Awards.


Trolley information for Pacific Crest Trail Hikers headed to the PCT southern terminus, san diego to el cajon – Bing

Source: trolley san diego to el cajon – Bing


Big Bear Hiking and Biking Trails: Things to Do: Southern California

Hiking and Biking Trails in the Big Bear Valley

via Big Bear Hiking and Biking Trails: Things to Do: Southern California.


Hiker Dying of Thirst Rescued on the Pacific Crest Trail | SkyWalker Books

Wow, I noticed some people typing “eric fuller goes for the pct record” to find the story of my PCT FKT Attempt and found this great article on my near death experience back on June 12 2012 when These Pictures were taken… Thank You Skywalker! Eric B. Fuller, Hundy

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Hiking Food


Water Bottles


Hiking with Children

Eric on PCT 2012

Eric at Fuller Ridge Trail Sign 2012

Eric hot and sunny Fuller Ridge Trail

Eric on PCT 2012

Afternoon on Fuller Ridge Trail 2012

Eric Slept Here June 11 2012

View from Bivy up to san jacinto 2012

View from Bivy down to Palm Springs 2012

Fuller Ridge

Helicopter Picking me up in palm springs

Eric Made it Home from Palm Springs Hospital 2012

Erics Heli flying him to valley floor 2012

Erics heli one skid landing Palm Springs 2012

Erics Legs in palm springs hospital 2012

Eric in Palm Springs Hospital 2012

Eric Looking Out the Heli 2012

SAR Trail Angels

Hiker Dying of Thirst Rescued on the Pacific Crest Trail | SkyWalker Books.