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Seattle Runner Smashes Speed Record For Full Length Of Pacific Crest Trail | Northwest Public Radio


Seattle Runner Smashes Speed Record For Full Length Of Pacific Crest Trail | Northwest Public Radio.


After 200 miles of training on the AZT, I’ve decided that I will not be attempting a speed hike on the PCT this year. Tuna Helper

Hey Everyone
After 200 miles of training on the AZT, I’ve decided that I will not be attempting a speed hike on the PCT this year. It’s a very hard decision as I am literally 100% physically and logistically ready and armed with all kinds of knowledge from my previous attempt in 2012. However, that experience is both a boon and a detriment, as I know how difficult and grueling and miserable a speed attempt is. Putting in consecutive big miles (40+) for 60ish days just isn’t fun or enjoyable and keeps one in a constant state of stress – I have a constant deadline of making the miles or else I fail… which are all things that shouldn’t be part of a long hike! With my motivation flagging, it wouldn’t be sensible to start my attempt as once in shape, a hike like this is really mostly mental. Although I am saddened at not being on the PCT, the FKT idea still smolders in the back of my mind, too bad this was the PERFECT year for it. Hopefully I’ll find my motivation again and reattempt in the future. Thanks for all those who gave me encouragement and well wishes. I give my best to the class of 2014 and the other FKT attemptees. For now I am going to enjoy my summer (and hike the CT!), as we mortals only have so many summers to enjoy.



Eric B. Fuller (Hundy) Reports On His Pacific Crest Trail Fastest Known Time Attempt

Peanut Butter Oat Craisin Coconut Oil Goo Bag NCLIFELINE  Eric looking a little worked from heat exhaustion PCT 2014 Eric at Barrel Spring at end of his PCT FKT Attempt 2014I drank a liter of cytomax and I started at Campo at 8am June 7, 2014 all teary eyed walking the first half mile with my daughter Stephanie after signing in at the register.  As we approached the first road crossing Kelli was filming me as I approached with her phone.. I walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek and wished them goodbye..  I marched to mile one and took my traditional smoke break.  I then hiked straight to Hauser Creek on about 3 Tbs Peanut butter and 3 Tbs Coconut Oil, were I took a break and drank liter of cytomax drinking 2 liters cyto along the way (when I say cyto, cytomax I was pouring 3 29gr scoops into each Poweraid liter bottle on my sides, lacing it with about 2 teaspoons of MCT which is 14 gr fat and 100 cal per Tbs).. I got to Lake Morena around 1pm and took a brief shower, drink 2 liters cyto and started walking.  Refilled and drank a cyto at and ate a cheekful of goo at the horse camp and then marched to Dave Supers shop without stopping, drinking along the way 3 liters cyto.  I pulled in around 1am weighed my pack 26 lbs, grabbed some beer and walked to Desert View Picnic Area where I got to sleep around 2:30am after drinking 2 liters cyto.. so far so good.. mile 43.5. Slept in, on trail by 7:40 mile after a great crap and 44.5 by 8am so I had my self a 44.5 in 24 hours.

Was able to choke down some goo as expected, Chopped My poles up that hill like a beast! I was all like Rahhhhhh!!!! Refilled at Noble (miles 49), drank 2 liters cyto marched on. drank a cyto on the way to pioneer so I stopped to refill bottle.. at all times I carried 3 liters from a water source.  Next stop that beautiful pile of water bottles at Sunrise trail head mile 59.5 where I thought, It’s hot I better grab a swig.. I was barley able to grab 3 swigs cause they were all strapped together and I had to kneel on me knees and lean over the pile to get to the bottle in the back so I had a bad angle… no worries I had 3 liters.. I marched to the bottom of oriflame canyon and took a 10 min break at the bottom drank a liter.  when I got to Rodrigues Jeep Rd at mile 68.7?. I was thirsty, along the way I was all like Rahhhhhh!!!! Chopping My Poles Like a Beast!!! I drank a liter of cool water, everything I drank that day from 10am on was like 120 degrees +!!!  So I drank a liter of water and lied down on top of the tank remembering I didn’t like the smell of the goo wafting out of my hip pockets in the heat.. Then 20 mins later I felt like I had to fart.. then I realized that was no fart! I nearly slammed tossing myself off the top of the tank rushing to the bushes to squirt a puddle of purple cyto patties… and dribbled very slowly very very dark and small amount of yellow urine drop by drop by drop….by drop by drop by drop… you know what I mean or maybe not.. lol I’m experienced with my body in this mode from 2 years ago when I ran out of water going down san jacinto to palm springs.. hiked 13 miles no water and made it to within 3/4 mile of snow creek where I was a puddled of non cyto enhanced goo who’s pack weighed 65 pounds in the palm springs er.. without a drop of water..

Anyway, I drank 2 liters of cyto and marched on.. around 6 miles later I squirt another puddle of purple cyto patties… then I ran to just above the flats where there is a cool little bivy spot overlooking scissor crossings and stopped at midnight. Had a long pee during the night.. 5:30am on trail and saw a gallon at the road and passed it, was shocked there were only 20 dry bottles instead of like 200 full bottles in a couple chests.. I remembered about Larry’s post about the couch and trash and at the moment it was really clean down there.. not even any water lol.. decision go a  mile back to that gallon  or push forward.. I had a liter cyto and ten miles to next source and was thirsty.. I got an eary feeling knowing I had 10 miles uphill and 5 would be in heat… in the San Felipe Foothills.. I pushed on and found water just across the street so I topped off my bottles and drank 2 liters straight water right out of the jug.. when I bent over to put the jug away I threw up the water, drank another 2 liters then I headed out.. about a mile later I bent over to grab my shoe to toss some pebbles and threw up again..  at least I had 3 liters.. drank 2 liters cyto on way to 3rd gate.. Made it to mile 84.5 by 8am. chalked up a 40 miler in the 2nd 24 hour period.. Made it to 3rd gate by 1pm and lie under the cedar trees till 6pm drinking the remainder of 2 gallons water after using 3 liters topping off bottles.. By this point I had the gag reflex on even the slightest hint of the smell of the goo bags and cyto now gagged me as well. but I could drink it a swig at a time… Took a selfie of myself as the moon came up over looking the valley before Billy Goats Cave.. drank a liter cyto at Billy Goats cave and a half liter water. Made it to mile 100 just before midnight and spent night at the next switchback..  On trail at 5:30 and walk to Barrel Spring at mile 101..  I was distraught by the fact that I now could not eat my food and my drink was also making me gag.. and I didn’t make it to Warner Hotsprings that night at mile 110!  I wanted to stay at the mission’s parking lot so I could tap their hose and pray to God and his son Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.. in the church!

I called Kelli and cried to her that I couldn’t eat my food and my drink was now making me gag..   She told me to lie down, drink water and fall asleep near the water source.. I obliged.. I drank 2 liters water while sitting next to the trough dazed and confused for 6 hours refilled then went over to the trees cause a deer snorted at me to move.. I couldn’t eat more than 2 Tbs goo in the 30 hours I lie around Barrel Spring.. My throat was dry and had rough spots around my tonsils which seem scabbed and very irritated when any chewed oats would roll by…  during the 30 hours I was able to drink a liter of cyto, 2 liters water and a liter of my secret proprietary training lemonade.. holy cal that taste Great!!!!!  during the 30 hr lie about I slept, took pictures of deer, a selfie and the trough..  I found a pencil and marked up “Go Vittles! You Can Do It” on the trough next to the spicket then later washed it off when I left thinking of leave no trace… lol I was thinking and excited about leaving Barrel Spring at 8pm after lieing around for like 15 hours… and decided I should get some sleep and remembered again that that idea was folly because I wasn’t eating enough protein cause I wasn’t eating my food… When I woke up I wanted to go and realized that I did not improve overnight, I was way more hungry now and the slide downward was apparently still working on me.. I reluctantly asked Kelli to pick me up hoping she wouldn’t bring the kids in the car because picking up their dad on hiking trip mishaps stresses them out… I stressed heavily while Kelli was enroute, threading my blisters, wait a min blisters? I have had those since last year! Must be a PCT thing lol.. Anyway I can put myself out there but my wife having to drive 67 miles to Barrel Spring through backcountry 2 lane hwy’s was not settling well with me in the risk department… I called her She was just passed Romona,  She Called Me, She Broke Down on the 67 3 miles before San Isabella and was so lucky she was forced to pull over were there was more than a 2 foot bike lane for a shoulder, she was luckily 2 feet right of the line… I sprung to my feet packed my camp in 5 mins and ran out to the rd jumping up and down like I was in trouble or something at every car that passed by.. A really awesome retired age couple on their way to the Dr stopped saying I looked trust able.. I left a sobbing crying message for by bro Marc,  he offered to extract if need be when he found out I was in trouble.. He was working and didn’t get the message for a few hours… The couple dropped me off at the 79 and an indian mom and daughter picked me up and drove me to Kelli just as the truck was being strapped onto the tow truck.. We together drove in the tow truck to Ramona and dropped the car off, I walked to Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought a bucket and ate most of it on the way home in a rental car..  Chris took pictures of me at the door at home and thus ends the Pacific Crest Trail Fastest Known Time Attempt of Hundy for the year of 2014..

By the time I tried my great tasting lemonade Kelli was already coming..

Eric Not Too Happy To Be Home PCT FKT Attempt 2014


Views:4167 | 06/04/14 Is There Nutrition in Your Food? and Hiking from Mexico to Canada in World Record Time –

Here are the links to my radio interview with a few days before I left on my PCT FKT Attempt June 7.

Eric B. Fuller, Hundy | 06/04/14 Is There Nutrition in Your Food? and Hiking from Mexico to Canada in World Record Time –


For The Record

PCT StartFor the record.. when I trained for my PCT FKT attempt I subscribed to a drink system using cytomax, mct oil, endure and pounding 10 miles per liter with a catch up liter at water stops.. supplementing calories with goo bags made of peanut butter, coconut oil, rolled oats, raisins, craisins or both.. quisinarted… While training at 17 min per mile pace for 20, 30, 40, and a 46 mile hike of black mtn.. with focus on uphill gain this worked great… not many hills around here so I would go up every one I could find… carrying 30 – 40 pounds gear… Even better on marathons and 30+ mile runs… But I applied this training system to the PCT last week with a 25lb pack packed for a 210 mile hike to my first box.. 15 lbs food and powder.. I had my butt handed to me from heat exhaustion… not from fatigue brought on by lack of training.. But by not drinking enough water hiking 40 mile days in the heat under this system on the Pacific Crest Trail…
What no body knows is that I doubled down on my resolve, picked up my training pace and added more running to my training after a training hike in Mtn Laguna this year where I was kicked off the mountain for carrying a 38 lb pack with old gear that with my winter hiking experience I would have been bomber in during a snow storm pending in San Jacinto where I have hiked during white out on more than several occasions.. I ran and climbed more hills, I stopped using mapmyrun and just trained my butt off till my miles were reduced to 80 per week the last 2 weeks because I had to take a side job..  I think the reduction from 100 per week was good for me because I gained some fat around my stomach during that period… I am lucky I lived through this incident and I would highly recommend that anyone subscribing to this system take more time at water spots and drink at least 3 liters of premix and not 2 before moving on with premix ready to go during the next leg of the trip… It was my training that saved my life!


Trip Over, Journey just Starting..

Very bummed to report, Eric’s PCT 2014 speed hike has come to an end.  He set a distance and pace that was impressive in the early days, but due to the heat, pushing his personal limitations and his food and hydration system not working as hoped it broke his mental and physical state that is required to safely continue.  His safety was always top priority and when cramps, excessive fatigue, dehydration and his body rejecting water, Cytomax replenishment or his food “goo” these were dangerous red flags.  You don’t want to continue on into the desert under these conditions.  He tried to slow and wait it through and recover on the trail, but his body was not on board with that idea.  He is very disappointed that his training and preparation did not carry him through these early difficult days.  From what I have seen,  the PCT has already spoiled other hikers 2014 speed attempts as well and others did not even start the trip.  It is serious business out there for certain.  Eric and his family are very proud of his attempt and the inspiration this has brought to our family, the hiking community and the charity Project LIFE.  None of this would even have been possible without all their support.  Lots was learned to do and lots was learned what NOT to do and Eric will share this experience with others in hopes to help them avoid his mistakes and grow from his successes.  This experience is not the end, it is the beginning of more hikes, more running, more exposure to the charity and basically inspiring everyone to think big, but in the end, be smart because making it safely back home is the ultimate goal.


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Matt Kirk Sets New Unsupported A.T. Speed Record

A handful of close friends awaited Matt Kirk atop Springer Mountain, Ga., in August, 58 days 9 hours and 38 minutes after he left Mount Katahdin in Maine. Sunlight filtered through the thick fog that was covering the mountain. Then a long and lean hiker appeared through the mist, and in a few final strides, he reached the summit plaque to the sound of cowbell and cheering.

It was the accomplishment of a lifetime for Kirk. After being introduced to camping at age 17, Matt fell in love with the Appalachian Trail on a trip to the Grayson Highlands in Virginia with his parents. He tackled a northbound trek of the A.T. in 2001 when he was 20 years old. Long-distance running and hiking became an obsession. He went on to add thru-hikes of Vermont’s Long Trail, the Colorado Trail, California’s John Muir Trail, and in 2011, the Mountains to Sea Trail in North Carolina. He also set records thru-hiking the Bartram Trail and completing the South Beyond 6,000 Challenge.

Now, at age 32, he has accomplished his toughest trek to date: an unsupported southbound thru-hike. He hiked to all of his resupply points and even made his own ultra-lightweight backpack, setting a new unsupported A.T. speed record in the process.

Matt Kirk Sets New Unsupported A.T. Speed Record.