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ATKO 2013 – Appalachian Trail Kickoff

Are you an aspiring 2014 Appalachian Trail “thru-hiker” – or have you just DREAMED of hiking this world famous scenic trail ? Come to the “ATKO” (Appalachian Trail Kick-off) and try to increase your odds of getting from HERE all the way to Mt. Katahdin , Maine ! (2,185.9 miles / 14 states north of nearby Springer Mountain … the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail)

This annual event has been held at Amicalola Falls State Park for the last 13 years – where “AT” experts, authors, vendors, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, hiking clubs / organizations and “newbie” and veteran hikers alike –  ALL congregate in one place – at one time – to meet, greet, educate and give the north-bound “thru-hiking” class of 2014 the send off of a lifetime !

ATKO 2013 – Appalachian Trail Kickoff.


CDT Hiker Hoopla September 20th, 2013 | Montana Wilderness Association

Green Flash, Breeze, Pappa Smurf, Muleskinner, Jester and Tickled Pink

This is not a list of the latest pop singer monikers in the tween world, but rather names for a different kind of celebrity. Celebrities in the trail community.

These are all thru-hikers that have journeyed the 3,100 miles on the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada this summer. These folks, and other hikers from around the country, are finishing up their epic trek in Montana right now and we’re going to throw them a party! Join us.

What’s a thru-hiker? Well, the term refers to hiking a long-distance trail end-to-end. Most CDT thru-hikers begin in New Mexico, walk through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and then end in Montana at the Canadian border. No matter how you do it, the CDT is said to be one of the last, more rugged and more challenging trails that long distance hikers take on.

CDT Hiker Hoopla Celebration Details

The Montana Wilderness Association invites thru-hikers, CDT Montana volunteers and other interested outdoor friends to join us on Sept. 20th to celebrate the Continental Divide Trail. Along with our generous host the Summit Mountain Lodge, MWA is inviting you to a BBQ on the Divide complete with live music from 21st Amendment (acoustic/bluegrass/rock). Click here for location in Google Maps.

Pitch your tent on site—no charge—have a beer, shake a tail feather, listen to live music and enjoy some delicious food. Raffle tickets will be sold for great outdoor gear prizes so bring a few bucks. Donations are gladly accepted to help us off set the cost of the event and to support CDT trail work (please and thank you). 

  • 5pm – Doors open
  • 6pm – Welcome & Thank Yous
  • 6:30/7pm – Dinner
  • After Dinner – Raffle Drawing (bring a few bucks to buy tickets)
  • 8-10pm – Music & Dancing
  • 11pm – Shhhhh… or go be loud away from sleeping people in tents

Other stuff we should mention: No dogs please. No drugs whatsoever. Smoking (tobacco only) permitted in designated areas only near lodge. Private cabins are available for rent with shower/bathroom. No public showers, but portable toilets available. Food storage in bear country observed; food must be in secure, closed vehicle or stashed in the lodge. Do not keep food in tents. Please do not cook in sleeping/tent areas. Respect your neighbors if you want to stay up late-night please.

CDT Hiker Hoopla September 20th, 2013 | Montana Wilderness Association.


Pacific Crest Trail Photos From 2013


PCT speed record is shattered twice | Pacific Crest Trail Association

Josh GarrettIn remarkable feats of endurance hiking, Josh Garrett and Heather “Anish” Anderson are reported to have broken the overall Pacific Crest Trail speed record this week. They hiked separately, with Heather finishing first with a time of 60 days and 17 hours and 12 minutes. Josh finished the next day with a time of 59 days and 8 hours and 14 minutes*. We’re in awe of their achievements and applaud them both.

The previous speed record of 64 days, 11 hours and 19 minutes was set by famed thru-hiker Scott Williamson in 2011.

Heather AndersonHeather left the southern border June 8 at 6:30 a.m. and reached Canada Wednesday at 11:42 p.m. She averaged nearly 44 miles per day. She previously hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2005.

Josh left the southern terminus June 10 at noon and reached the northern terminus on Thursday at 8:14 p.m. He averaged nearly 45 miles per day. He previously hiked the PCT in 2009.

Josh hiked in support of vegan lifestyle choices, an animal cruelty-free world and the charity Mercy for Animals. “I’m vegan because I love animals, and they suffer so needlessly on factory farms and slaughterhouses, when a vegan diet provides everything we need for good health, strength, and endurance,” he said. “As much as I would have enjoyed taking my time on this hike, I wanted to be a good example and make a point.”

Heather describes her younger years as marked by insecurity: “I hated my body and myself.” She graduated high school weighing 200 pounds, only to lose the weight and find purpose when she discovered hiking. “I met something that would forever change my life: a trail. I was enthralled. Trails took me on the adventures I craved and to beautiful, wondrous, wild places. I lost my heart and soul…and eventually 70 lbs…to the trails.”

PCTA does not officially validate, nor verify, records. They’re fraught with arguable points and are difficult to authenticate. However, we know an amazing feat when we see one. On behalf of the entire trail community, we applaud Josh and Heather and all the others who have and will continue to push themselves to new heights on our very special trail.

* Friday afternoon, Josh provided us with a corrected time of 59 days and 8 hours and 14 minutes (he reached northern monument at 8:14 p.m.) instead of what was previously reported.

PCT speed record is shattered twice | Pacific Crest Trail Association.