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AT in PA – Wind Gap to Delaware Water Gap

AT in PA – Wind Gap to Delaware Water Gap.


On the Rocks – Hiking the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania from Wind Gap to the Delaware Water Gap

On the Rocks – Hiking the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania from Wind Gap to the Delaware Water Gap.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park Facebook Page

The official Facebook page of Great Smoky Mountains National Park: America’s most visited national park!

A Wondrous Diversity of Life

Ridge upon ridge of forest straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. World renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life, the beauty of its ancient mountains, and the quality of its remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, this is America’s most visited national park.

107 Park Headquarters Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

(865) 436-1200


Great Smoky Mountains National Park Facebook Page.


We are just a little over one week away from 5th annual Feast in the Forest.

We are just a little over one week away from 5th annual Feast in the Forest. It will be Sunday june 29th aprox ten miles north of the Delaware Water Gap. Just some of the things we will have. Meat and veggie lasagna, hamburgers hotdogs, veggie burgers, venison, cake, snacks, bagels, water, Soda, Ice cold beverages, made from barley and hops. we will also have a fair amount of chairs on hand. If you let me know we can slack hikers to the feast. Although the exact location of the feast is never revealed. safe to say you will find us. we start setting up around ten and the feast starts around eleven. last year we had over 25 hikers stop by, and everyone left with a smile on their face. Hope to smell a bunch of you there. BTW the ten mile hike from the DWG is a walk in the woods. Two highlights on that section you want to see. about a mile up the trail you will have to step up over a log that was put there for drainage. when you get there look to the right you will see a trail. walk in 15 feet and you are in the land of the fairies, when back on the trail you will come to Sunfish pond. The most southern glacial pond on the A T when you get to the north end you will see the cairns that many hikers have built. Further on you will come to the biggest rock cairn I have ever seen. Then continue on till you find the Feast in the Forest. Please share this post to help get the word out. thanks



AT Mailing Labels

The AT Mailing Label page provides an easy way to create mailing labels for many of the locations along the Appalachian Trail. Simply fill out the form below and select a location. A separate window will popup containing the completed mailing label. Print out the window and you’ve created your mailing label. The mailing labels are ideal for sending food, maps, guidebooks, gear, and bounce boxes to most locations along the trail. I’ve also included several links at the bottom of the page for planning, gear manufacturers, AT journals and videos. Just about anything pertaining to the Appalachian Trail can be found from this site.

The tables below are based on data from the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers’ Companion. Since most of the towns along the AT are small and remote, the information is subject to change.

AT Mailing Labels.

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Top 10 Longest Hiking Trails in the World

When people talk about the longest hikes in the world, they often think of the Appalachian Trail (AT).

Why wouldn’t they? It’s an American classic. But it’s not the only long one out there.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest hiking trail in the world is the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) on the West Coast of the United States. However, that title is only temporary as the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) will take the record once the trail is completed. I’m not entirely sure how they judge which trail is the longest for that record because the American Discovery Trail is longer. My guess is it’s because the ADT combines with paved roads from time to time.

This list of long-distance hiking trails does not include trails in the US. Please see the link below if you want to read about those.

More Via: Top 10 Longest Hiking Trails in the World.


Searching for a Missing Hiker / Outersports.com

Geraldine Largay was reported missing on July 24th. She was thru hiking the Appalachian Trail and within days of the end of her incredible journey. Dozens of people, including the Maine Warden Service and search dogs, have combed the woods for miles only to come back empty handed. Geraldine is 66 years of age, from Tennessee, and seemingly vanished without any clues. With winter approaching, and traces of her nowhere to be found, the search for Geraldine has been scaled back. Outdoor expert, and Outersports colleague, Bill Brock joined up with a Master Maine Guide Bill and decided to do something about it. Mr. Brock had met with Geraldine Largay on the Appalachian trail just two days before her disappearance, near Caribou Pond, as they headed in opposite directions. During that time the rain was falling heavy and the creek crossing was moving fast.

A theory emerged that might take the search in a different direction than previously thought. Due to the heavy rain, it was possible that the missing hiker had attempted to cross a rushing creek and may have been swept downstream. This previously had seemed unlikely as the creek is normally very easy to cross. The above photo shows the creek crossing where Mr. Brock believes she may have fallen in.

Working with the Maine Warden Service; Master Maine Guide, who goes by the name “Wild Bill”, and Bill Brock organized a quick search party with Jinger Olinselot. The party was provided with Merino Wool base layers and socks, a Hennessy Hammock, and other outdoor gear from Outersports to aid in their search. In less than 24 hours the team uncovered possible evidence of the missing hiker. The find was immediately reported to the Maine Warden Service for further investigation.

With the search for Geraldine Largay still underway, let it serve as a stark reminder to keep safety first while in the outdoors. Our hearts and thoughts go out to her friends and family still waiting for closure, as well as the hard working individuals still looking for her.

Searching for a Missing Hiker / Outersports.com.


Appalachian Trail Distance Calculator

This program calculates the approximate walking distance in miles between two points along the Appalachian Trail. Simply choose a selection from each of the list boxes below, then click on the submit button. These distances are based on the Appalachian Trail Data Book for 2013, a publication of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, all rights reserved.

Appalachian Trail Distance Calculator.

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