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2400 Windrider Ultralight Cuben Fiber Backpack

The 2400 Windrider, our flagship ultralight pack, offers you precisely what’s necessary and nothing more—the optimal balance of strength, weight, comfort and performance.

Source: 2400 Windrider Ultralight Cuben Fiber Backpack


Mids – Shelters – Hyperlite Mountaingear

HMG’s Cuben Fiber UltaMid pyramid tent provides maximum coverage at minimum weight. The UltaMid is constructed using ultralight, ripstop, waterproof and non-absorbent Cuben Fiber for four season use in all environments, from the hottest desert to the mountains in winter. The UltaMid is available in 2-person and 4-person sizes. It uses your trekking or ski poles at the center for support. Features: a pair of vents at the apex, ample tie out points and a waterproof zippered door. HMG’s UltaMid has been tested and proven in extreme conditions to be stable and dry in wind, rain and snow. HMG’s UltaMid pyramid tents are available in a choice of Classic White or Spruce Green.

Hyperlite Mountaingear

Mids – Shelters.