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Forest Service upholds PCT mountain biking closure » Pacific Crest Trail Association

The U.S. Forest Service has upheld its 1988 order closing the Pacific Crest Trail to mountain biking. In a Nov. 25 letter to the Pacific Crest Trail Association, Regional Forester Randy Moore states that the order is consistent with legislation, regulations, directives, the recommendations of the PCT Advisory Council and the PCT Comprehensive Management Plan.

“In order to continue to protect the trail as a resource and to provide a safe and unique recreation experience for the primary users – hikers and equestrians – the continuance of Regional Order 88-4 is needed,” Moore wrote.

Meanwhile, a national partnership of trail leaders, recreation advocates and federal land managers has opened a dialogue on how, when and where mountain bike use fits into the National Trails System.

PCTA continues to believe that the PCT is best used and protected as a resource for hikers and horseback riders. That said, PCTA believes mountain bikes are an integral part of the National Trails System. PCTA supports quality recreational experiences for bikers on public land and we are committed to working with cycling groups to ensure that they have equal opportunity to develop long-distance riding opportunities.

We look forward to participating in the national dialogue in 2014.

Forest Service upholds PCT mountain biking closure » Pacific Crest Trail Association.