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Pacific Crest Trail: A Journey in Photographs

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To create this spectacular photobook, we hiked the entire 2660-mile Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Living in the wilderness for over five months, Chris photographed the starkly beautiful deserts of southern California, the deep blue alpine lakes and snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the volcanoes and lush forests of Oregon and Washington. The journey was challenging, inspiring, and visually stunning. Chris’s landscape photographs portray the essence of each section of the Pacific Crest Trail. Every image is powerful. Viewed in sequence, these photographs take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful and compelling landscapes in the world.


Old Mnt Whitney Photos, Mountaineers Route

In my early 20’s my dad took me up the Mountaineers route on Mnt Whitney.. I was scared to go back down the same way.. but made it!

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Mount Hood aglow on a late winter ski

Mount Hood aglow on a late winter ski. #Oregon. photo: Richard Hallman pic.twitter.com/a3hWwGfrpm

Mnt Hood Aglow Patagonia


Pacific Crest Trail Photos From 2013