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Postholer Trails – Android Apps on Google Play

Source: Postholer Trails – Android Apps on Google Play

The Postholer Trails app dynamically customizes itself to the trail you are hiking for blog/journal updates, data books and weather forecasts. You can create journal entrys without internet that update when internet becomes available. Outgoing e-mail and a Postholer.Com journal is required to use the journal update feature. Access to thousands of locations along your favorite trail, Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, John Muir Trail and others.

You can setup the app by using your existing Postholer.Com journal or you can select a trail from a list. Visit the Settings tab for details. Without an existing journal you will not have journal update features.Create Journal Entry
Go to the New Entry tab and fill in all the required fields, Subject and Entry Text, add a photo if you like. The photo is automatically processed to a manageable size before being sent. Click ‘Get GPS Coordinates’ to automatically update your journal google map. There are plenty of optional fields you can add that will really create a rich memory of your hike. When done, submit it. Your device e-mail client will show with a newly created outgoing email. If you are happy with it, send it. If you do not have a internet connection, the e-mail will sit in your outbox until you do. Your sent mail folder is also a substantial record of all previous journal entrys you’ve sent. If you didn’t like a journal entry, edit the EMail and resend it.

Note, that submitting a journal entry with the same date will overwrite any existing entry with the same date. You can only attach 1 photo. Additional entry photos need to be added from the web client.

Weather Forecasts
On trail point forecasts from the NWS are available on the Weather tab. Always check the date at the top of each forecast to ensure it is current. You can choose from one of the many pre-defined resupply locations taken from the Postholer.Com data book or you can get a forecast for ‘Where I am standing’. The point forecast location is the point on the trail that is nearest to the resupply location, not the resupply location itself. This ensures your point forecast is on the trail.

Data Book Sections
Again, if the {{domainName}} site has a data book for the trail you’re hiking, it will be made available in the Data Book tab. To get this information select the trail section you want and it will be retrieved. It will remain in the app’s cache until you clear it (see below). Select as many as you want, they will be saved for offline use. Note, the data book is not downloaded to the app all at once, only by section as you select them. So, before you head out of internet range make sure you have what you need.

Just So You Know
When you save your settings from the Settings tab the app’s cache is completely cleared and the app is completely reconfigured. This ensures you can get the freshest data from the Postholer.Com site. The weather forecasts are never cached. You should always check the date a the top of each forecast to ensure it is current. However, each forecast will stay on the forecast page until you request a new one, so again, always check the date.

While this app uses your device GPS to get locations for journal entrys and weather forecasts, it does not use it continuously. In terms of battery performance based on GPS usage, the impact will be minimal if not negligible.

I’m Hiking A Different Trail This Year
Just get the ‘Secret Code’ from the ‘Journal Setup’ page of your new journal, update that code in the Settings tab, submit it and the app is completely reconfigured for your next adventure!


Pacific Crest Trail – Postholer.Com

On facebook the other day I ran into the developer of this site and was impressed with his knowledge on hiking topics and approach to dealing with people in facebook groups. After looking at his website I am floored how awesome it is! Check out Postholer if you haven’t already!

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Pacific Crest Trail – Postholer.Com.