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Training Hike Notes

Eric B Fuller Hiking With Umbrella PCT 2013Today I worked all day… on my chair… sitting.. blogging news…

Yesterday I walked from Lomas Santa Fe to La Costa Ave and back in just over 4 hours.  No running this time.. I was stuffed with4 or 5 slabs of Pizza and 3 beers when the walk began.. I almost drank all 2.87 liters of water in one swig when I realized I was super thirsty!  Ate 2 banana’s.  I was weak at first, probably from the pizza and beer and felt more energetic during the way back home.. No Candy nor Energy bars..  The Sunset over Swami’s was beautiful!!

After discussing training with Vittles, I’m due for some serious long distance runs..  Not walks, Runs!  Long Runs!!  Like Marathon distance Runs!  I have only run one marathon and my time was 4 hours 44 or so minutes.. I walked/ran 31 miles recently in 8 hours 44 minutes.. Most of my runs are around 10 – 15 miles though..I might have a chance to hike with Vittles to train up and I’m both excited and scared of the thought..  The man is a machine!


Training Hikes Completed This Week

PlanHike LogoThis past week I walked/ran north along the coast from Lomas Santa Fe Dr in Solana Beach and was able to get as far as Ponto Beach and back in an afternoon on the beach.  Turned around at the southernmost life guard tower just north of La Costa Ave in Leucadia.

I have officially eaten through all of the Halloween candy!

Sat 11/09/2013:
Lomas to Hansens and back along 101. 3 hours

Sun 11/10/2013:
Lomas to Moonlight beach parking lot and back along beach and 101. 3 hours

Mon 11/11/2013:
Lomas to Leucadia Blvd and back along train track trails. 3 hours

Tues 11/12/2013:
Lomas to 1st tower on Ponto Beach and back along beach. 4 hours 10 mins

Wed 11/13/2013:
2 hours 5 minutes Lomas to San Elijo Lagoon to El Camino Real and back.
Then 1 hour 15 minutes Run/Walk RSF horse trails soccer field loop



Training Hike 11/06/2013

Eric B Fuller Hiking With Umbrella PCT 2013

Today I was only able to get out for an hour and fifteen minutes so I hiked from the Soccer field in Rancho Santa Fe south along the horse trail which heads east and leads back toward the village and ends up at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course and then along the golf course back to the soccer field.  My pace was brisk, legs felt great, ate an apple, banana and a couple handfuls of dried cranberries.  Drank most of my liter of water.  Only took a sweater and beanie.. Didn’t touch my corn candy..  I figure my pace was around 4 miles per hour, I ran down a couple hills..


Training Day Hike 11/03/2013

Yesterday I walked/ran about 31 miles in 8 hours 44 minutes Solana Beach to some pink wall in La Jolla south of the seals.. and back.. took the Crest trail in Del Mar and the inside road in Torrey Pines.. Not with this pack lol