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Nightlight Sleeping Pad (Torso length)

This tri-fold foam pad is used on its own as a sleeping pad or as an addition, to increase our backpacks rigidity.

Designed for ultralight backpacking and thru hikers. Simply fold this pad up in the morning and store it in one of our backpack sleeves. It adds almost no weight to your pack and doubles as a back-pad. This provides stability and comfort for your hike and then cushioning and insulation for when you sleep. Everything on your back should have as little weight and as much function as possible.


Katabatic Gear – Ultralight Sleeping Bags and Accessories

Quilt style sleeping bags with a patented attachment system and the highest quality Pertex fabrics and Allied goose down.

Backpacks that are not stripped of the functions you want, yet still achieve lighter weights and durability through innovative design and fabric choices.

Accessories that keep you warm and protect your gear, while helping you achieve a lightweight or ultralight pack weight.

Katabatic Gear – Ultralight Sleeping Bags and Accessories.


2400 Windrider Ultralight Cuben Fiber Backpack

The 2400 Windrider, our flagship ultralight pack, offers you precisely what’s necessary and nothing more—the optimal balance of strength, weight, comfort and performance.

Source: 2400 Windrider Ultralight Cuben Fiber Backpack


Packing List for Ultralight Backpacking

brianandpackcropHere’s the Ultralight Outfitters list of recommended gear for ultralight backpacking. This is the complete list that we use on our ultralight backpacking trips. We believe that with this gear and the ‘know-how’ that goes with it, you too can be safe and comfortable in the wilderness. Of course, the ultimate responsibility for your safety and your choice of gear is yours alone.

The items that we manufacture are marked AVAILABLE. Click these item names to advance to our Product pages and Online Ordering links.

Weight Eng / Metric
Backpack Related
Lightning Access™ Backpack AVAILABLE 18 oz. / 509 g
Small Pillow Stuff Sack (Pack Organizer & Pillow) 1.1oz. / 31 g
Large Stuff Sack (Pack Organizer) if needed 1.1 oz. / 31g
Hydration System 4 oz. / 113 g
Water Purification 2.1 oz. / 60 g
Sleeping Related
PonchoTent™ AVAILABLE 15. 5 oz. / 440 g
Mosquito Headnet 1 oz. / 28 g
Sleeping Bag 4.5 lbs / 2.0 Kg
3/4 length Inflatable Sleeping Pad 15 oz. / 420 g
Hat 3.3 oz. / 94 g
Handkerchief 0.5 oz. / 14 g
Polyester T-Shirt 6.1 oz. / 172 g
Sports Bra/ Bathing Suit Top (if needed) 1.6 oz. / 45 g
Insulated Jacket 16 oz. / 454 g
Windshirt 3.9 oz. / 110 g
Windpants 5.3 oz. / 150 g
Shorts 6.7 oz. / 190 g
Socks (3 pair lightweight nylon) 3.3 oz. / 94 g
Shoes (lightweight running or walking shoes) 28 oz. / 793 g
Food & Cooking
Beer Can Cook Pot & Stove Kit™ AVAILABLE 3.8 oz. / 108 g
Small Square of aluminum foil for the cook pot lid 0 oz. / 1 g
Lexan Spoon 0.4 oz. / 10 g
Lighter 0.4 oz. / 11 g
ESBIT™ Solid Fuel Tablets (Typical daily usage) 1.5 oz. per day / 42 g per day
Food, total dry or dehydrated (Typical daily usage) 18 oz. per day /510 g per day
Small Stuff
Knife (smallest Pocket Knife with scissors) 0.7 oz. / 20 g
LED Light 0.5 oz. / 14 g
Watch (plastic waterproof digital) 1 oz. / 28 g
Compass (small, worn on watch band) 0.2 oz. / 5 g
Map (if needed) 1.8 oz. / 50 g
Sunglasses 1 oz. / 28 g
Reading Glasses (if needed) 1 oz. / 28 g
Camera (light digital or disposable) 5.6 oz. / 160 g
First Aid Kit & Toiletries 5.5 oz. / 156 g
Mosquito Repellent (0.5 oz container) 0.7 oz. / 20 g
Sunscreen Lotion (0.5 oz container) 0.7 oz. / 20 g
Total Weight: Gear (without Clothing, food, water) 9 lbs 1 oz. / 4.112 Kg
Total Weight: Gear + All Clothing (without food, water) 13 lbs 12 oz. / 6.227 Kg

Packing List for Ultralight Backpacking.