Emergency Zone Lexan 3pc Camping Utensil Set. Available in Single, 2, 3, 4, 5, 200 Pack

  • We want your eating experience to be as nice as possible. This is why we created these utensil sets have smooth edges to create a more COMFORTABLE hold.
  • To make your life easier, we created our utensil set so it is EASY to CLEAN. Instead of scrubbing to get your utensils clean, ours will just wipe off the mess.
  • If you ran plastic utensils over with a 2,615 to 2,778 lbs car, you would expect them to break, but these utensils held up since they are CRACK-RESISTANT.
  • Unlike metal utensils, our utensils are HEAT-RESISTANT and RUST-RESISTANT. Making you less likely to burn your fingers as you eat.

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